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Pullover Prevention Event - May 2022

May 22nd, 2022: Pullover Prevention Event draws volunteers to assist motorists with vehicle light repairs to promote safety for all.

Vehicles served at Pullover Prevention Event in Livonia, MI
Fixing Vehicle at Pullover Prevention Event
Pullover Prevention 2022 Set-up
Pullover Prevention 2022

Pullover Prevention 2022

On a beautiful day in May with the perfect mix of sun and clouds to make everyone feel comfortable outdoors, 30 volunteers organized by the Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives (LCCABL) gathered to offer a solution to a problem they identified by tracking traffic stop data in the area. When it was noted that a disproportionate number of Black motorists were being pulled over and ticketed for defective or missing lights on their vehicles, offering to repair or replace the lights free of charge just made sense.


This was the 4th time the biannual event has been held and a total of 26 drivers were served and protected from potentially dangerous traffic stops and interactions with police. A lack of resources including money and/or time is often the root cause of motorists driving without getting these repairs done. So, rather than further draining these limited resources by pulling them over and feeding them into the traffic court system, offering to assist with the necessary repairs to keep everyone safe on the roads is a better answer.  


At the intersection of 7 Mile and Middlebelt Roads in the large parking lot of the old Sears building, formerly the site of the Livonia Mall, volunteers held signs to alert passing drivers of the services available. Other volunteer roles for the event included welcoming drivers and answering questions, running to and from the auto parts store for the necessary equipment and supplies, performing the hands-on light repairs, and spreading the word by sharing information about the event online or in their communities. While some people in need of vehicle light repairs/replacements learned about the event and signed up online in advance, most came through for assistance after seeing the signs, welcome tent, and cones set up that day. 


One young woman who came to have a headlight replaced reported that she was extremely relieved and grateful for the service. She shared that she was picking up her uniform before her first day working the night shift at the nearby Walmart and had been planning to arrive at work an hour early to avoid driving in the dark until she could save up enough money to have her lights fixed.  Luckily, even though there was slight damage to the bumper that made the headlight somewhat difficult to replace, the volunteers worked together to get the job done and get the driver back on the road safely. 


Also in attendance were 2 kind gentlemen from the group “When You Vote - I Win” which includes volunteers involved in a variety of non-partisan organizations that promote voting in Michigan. They shared vital information and answered questions to help everyone in attendance to overcome potential barriers to voting in upcoming elections. If you’d like to know more or would like to get involved to encourage people to exercise their democratic right to vote, more information can be found at or email inquiries can be directed to  


Funding for the cost of the equipment for replacements came from LCCABL’s sister organization Livonia Equity and Anti-Racism Network (L.E.A.R.N.) a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit “committed to uniting our Livonia-area community through anti-racist education, action, and alliances for equity and peace.”


If you’re interested in supporting future pullover prevention events or other offerings from L.E.A.R.N., please DONATE HERE.

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