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About Sunup Livonia

Our Beginning

Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives was started on May 31, 2020 by three Livonia residents who shared a deep concern for the growing racial tension and division in our community and schools.


Outraged by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, more than 2,000 people joined them a week later to march in solidarity with the modern movement for Black lives in America. 

Our stand for racial equity and unity was peaceful, powerful, and proof positive that now is the time for change in Livonia.


Now is the time to address the racism and inequality that exists in our own community. Join us. 

Our Focus Areas


Public Engagement & Education


Public Safety For All


Community Building & Inclusion

Why "Sunup Livonia"?

Livonia has an unfortunate history as one of our country's largest Sundown Towns -  "all white" communities that excluded non-white people through the use of discriminatory laws, restrictive covenants on housing, intimidation, policing, and threats of or use of violence.

The name comes from the posted and verbal warnings issued to Black people that although they might be allowed to work or travel through a community during the daytime, they must leave by sundown.


These implications are still present today.  Many of our housing deeds still contain the language restricting rental, sale, lease, and occupancy to "any person other than of the white or Caucasian race." 

In order to repair the legacy of institutional racism and dismantle the infrastructure that it was built on, we must face this reality head-on.


Our goal is to rid Livonia of the residue of racism, thereby making our city a "sunup" town where everyone feels welcome and safe at any hour of the day.

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