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Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2022 - Community Service Project

On Monday, January 17, 2022, Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives and LEARN honored Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a community service project.


A group of 11 volunteers met at Rotary Park in Livonia to pick up trash. Rotary Park has a lot to offer Metro-Detroit families with its recently built accessible playscape, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and nature trails. However, racist graffiti has been found at the park over the last two years.

Further, another community group, Families Engaging for Equity in Livonia, requested permission for a youth-designed mural in the theme of "Everyone Belongs" on a pavilion at Rotary Park. The request was denied due to an ordinance prohibiting signs or billboards in city parks.


Curiously, "Be Kind Livonia" signage is present in the park, a campaign that is sponsored by Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church.

Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives and LEARN want to make sure Livonia and the surrounding communities know this park is a welcoming space for all. With our presence and our service, we can do that! 

Although we have a well-funded parks department that keeps our parks fairly clean, the group was able to find a surprising amount of trash and debris. The event was family-friendly with even young children participating in the efforts.

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