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Blog Submission Guidelines

Blog Guidelines

The Sunup Livonia blog was created to give community members a place to tell their stories. In order to create the type of environment where everyone feels safe sharing, we ask that you keep the following in mind:  

All blogs will be approved by Sunup Livonia prior to publishing. Blogs may also be edited for clarity or to protect others’ privacy, if necessary.

Submission is for writers 18+ please (unless explicitly approved by Sunup Livonia).

Please protect the identity of others in your story.

Stories with graphic language or violence will be posted with a trigger warning.   

Formatting Suggestions

We recommend aiming for 300+ words. 

Please include a title.

Please attach a picture, if possible. If not, we may use a stock image or no image on the blog. 

You may include your name or request your blog be posted anonymously.

Blog Submission Process

Please submit your writing (and images, if any) to 

Not all submissions will be published. Blogs will be approved based on their appropriateness for the site, and published as volunteers are able to do so. We will email you if your blog is being published, and provide an estimated date for posting.

Questions? Contact Us.

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